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Comprehension by TWRCtank
Focus on Comprehen
Focus On Comprehension (Lehr & Osborn, PREL, 2005). This is a GREAT 52 page pdf about comprehension
How to Improve Reading Comprehension by Chris Pirillo. Although it's impossible to cover everything
Phrase Craze
Phrase Craze (Peha). This article was a HUGE aha for me and definitely influenced my work with stude
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Podcast by Willing
In this podcast, Professor Daniel Willingham discusses how teachers teach reading comprehension usin
Reading as Reasoni
Reading as Reasoning: A Study of Mistakes in Paragraph Reading (Thorndike, 1917). This is a landmark
Reading Comprehens
Reading Comprehension Requires Knowledge--of Words and the World (Hirsch, AFT, Spring 2003)
Teaching Content
Teaching Content is Teaching Reading (Willingham, New America Foundation, 2009)This is a GREAT 10 mi
TWRCtank's YouTube
A collection of YouTube videos about comprehension. (Look on the right-hand side.)
Voice Inflection
Voice Inflection (Swallow). I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this lesson! It teaches students that the meaning cha
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What Reading Does
What Reading Does for the Mind (Cunningham & Stanovich, AFT, Spring/Summer 1998). This article reall