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gwyneth has 44 groups.

Mmmm tasty techie crisps so good you can't just nibble one!

thoughtful ideas, brilliant blogs, and musings for change agents (and my MASL keynote) cause i'm too lazy to take notes!

my lazy and visual way to remember the blogs that get me thinking and make me say YAY!

Animation sites & resources for school use. Some for media/classroom/unit marketing and some to use with kids!

SSP: most of my stuff in one place...more for quick reference than, i really hope Sqworl isn't blocked in my county!

great census sites

these are sites for the 8th grade research unit about different sources of power.

It's Victorian not as it WAS but as it should have been! Steamy! Sooty!

Ideas and resources for research or topical lessons in the Media Center or Middle School

Great Resources for the Winter Olympics!

Resources to enhance your Second Life

Lots of great links, resources, and sites for Greek & Roman Mythology Research!

Intereting Tech Articles to keep track of

Tips, tricks, and sites that make digital imaging easy and fun!

Links gathered from the ALA & ISTE10 Conference!

Links before, during, & after these two conferences - both in Philly, PA!

Links & Resources before, during & after - AASL11 15th National Conference October 27-30, 2011 in Minneapolis MN ...

Ideas for places to go and where to stay!

A collection of resources for School TV Studios & Productions

Creative, Meaningful, & Daring Ways to Demonstrate Information Mastery - A Conversation about the Reflective Learner, Authentic Assessments, & Transliteracy

Links & resources for HCPSS Media & County Stuffs

A collection of articles, resources, and information on the topic of Advocacy

Creative\'s InPerson: The next best thing to being there?

About books, authors, and things to read

Resources for iPad & Mobiel Apps

The use of the QR Code in the Library, Classroom, & the Wild

Ideas for cool library promotions

So many wonderful educational conferences out there & I'm honored to be invited to visit a few - these are ones that I'm either going to appear, admire, or think are super cool cutting edge!

One Bullet Point at a Time - Don\'t let your Powerpoints Suck - Make them Rock!

Resources for tablets, eReaders, smartphones in the library and classroom

What it is, how to use them, & more!

Cool links to support my GCT project

Infographics make me happy, I

Cool resources, lesson ideas, & tech helps for iMovies and Videos

This is going to be a place to keep track of those Edublog Award Winners & amazing bloggers & sites to nominate! Because I'm ADD that way!

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