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Research Tools for Elementary Students by mlbecker2
Search Engine: KidRex
Google safe search tool for kids. Does not seem to list ads.
Search Engine: Kiddle
"Visual search engine for kids, powered by editors and Google safe search."
Search Engine: SafeSearchKids
Google safe search tool for kids.
Search Engine: Safe Search
Google safe search tool for kids.
Search: KidsClick
Search directory for kids.
Search Engine: Safer Sites for Kids to Search
Simple Wikipedia
Wikipedia with easier to understand language.
Encyclopedia: Britannica School
You can switch between English and Spanish.
Grades 3-12, Concise cultural information on countries around the world.
SIRS Discoverer
Grades 3-9, Selected content for novice researchers, especially elementary and middle school stude
Dictionary: Word Central
English dictionary and thesaurus from Merriam-Webster
Dictionary: Wordsmyth
English dictionary and thesaurus
Dictionary: Longman Dictionary
English dictionary and thesaurus
Online dictionary, encyclopedia, and homework help for kids.
Translator: WordReference
Translator (English to Spanish and Spanish to English)
Great Websites for Kids
Ads are on the left, answers (click on one of the questions) are on the right.
Search: ipl for Kids
Search directory for kids.