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Current Events - Digital Learning Day by hamti
How has technology changed the way candidates run
The next political battleground: your phone
Presidency 2016 Social Sites
Vote 2016: The Role of Technology in the Election
Getting Americans Online Will Be a Big Election Is
Presidential Candidates 2016
Social Media and the 2016 Presidential Election
2016 Candidates and Social Media
2016 presidential candidates measure up on social media
npr Social Media
What is social media’s role in Election 2016?
Social Media Viewing Guide
Voters Communicate Campaign Messages for 2012 Elec
Sanders has no super PAC — but he might have something better
Cruz's Crew:
You Play The Game, But It's The Cruz Campaign That Scores
Fact checking Republican
Fact checking the Republican debate
Fact checking the Democratic
Fact checking the Democratic debate:
Get Out and Vote
New Hampshire teen tells young people to get out and vote