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Kid-friendly news LISTEN TO READING Learning games
Choose an adventure
Encyclopedia Online
Math facts
Learning games
Spelling City
Create a 3D book Get a story starter
Homework help and games
Cyberchase Maya and Miguel Between the Lions
Grammar game Greek word roots Grammar sort
Word endings I Spy Build a foodweb
Scientific labeling Moon Olympics Make weather happen
States puzzle Calendar game Fun Brain
USA map
Hangman Loads of games!
Multiply! Divide! Subtract!
Add! Story features
Create a comic Comic strip capers
Make your own hero! News for kids
Addition fishing News for Kids
Cookie Games
Math Facts Math facts Adding
add bigger numbers math games Practice your punctuation
Subject-Predicate Practice
Rocks Practice periods
Capital letters and periods
Science fun! Continents and Oceans
Compound words Continents and Oceans
reading games
Diaper Derby Multiplication! Fish Shop Multiplication Airplane Multiplication
Ice Cream Shop Multiplication Granny Multiplication Pet Shop Multiplication
Multiplication Quizzes Place value Pacman
Verb tenses
treasure hunt!
Reading Activities
= fractions
reading practice!!! pronoun clubhouse character scrapbook
make a story cube make a book! time and shapes
make a trading card science magazines! word bank poems
alien words
fraction fling
telling time
sugar sugar
word frog
circus words
Learning fun!
educational games for kids to play
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Learning fun!
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