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Tools for Etsy sellers by DuhBe
craftcult Heart-o-Matic
tracks your hearts and views very conveniently
Fee Calculator
gives Etsy & paypal fees on your sale price
Feasty counts featured sellers
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Let's Ets will download your product file so you can upload it to google base and help you get found
Helpful Etsy Links
Squidoo page which links to these helpful sites and much more
Sellers worksheet
Sellers worksheet - free download
Scripts and tools for etsy sellers - great stuff!
Top Sellers
List of top Etsy sellers
Etsy front pages
Flickr group of Etsy front page screenshots
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Etsy's link page
Etsy's page of useful links
See if you're in a Treasury.
Etsy Poster Sketch
Etsy poster sketch - to make a draft of treasuries, or just save your favs
Create your own gift registry of handmade items with photos to share with others
Lots of Etsy info, stored Wiki style
Picnik is free photo editing so you can tweak your images for Etsy
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Google offers this free photo editing software for PC, Mac and Linux
Where Am I?
Etsyhacks tool that tells you how far down in search results your shop is for a give keyword.
lets you make a web "book" of your shop to put on your website, blog or social network
etsy acronyms
Etsy acronyms - from an Etsy forum thread
etsy forum-shippin
Etsy seller Goto has a forum post with lots of good shipping info
FAQ by Loose Wire
Etsy FAQ by Loose Wire Studios
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etsy forums
Etsy Guide for Newbies - tons of info not found anywhere else
Etsy forum post with tips on writing listing descriptions
view hearts, stats, inventory, and create slick sales sheets
etsy tag fractal
tag fractal tool on etsy, to help with tagging
multiple tools - view hearts, top sellers, blog gadgets too!
fabrics for sale on etsy, by color range
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create a webpage from your etsy listings
statsy biggest fan
enter your shop name and see the 5 people who heart your items the most
make a map of where your sales come from
statsy locator
Enter a listing and see how far down it is in search results (time to relist??)
tag finder, search for similar items, shop stats, other helpful tools
statsy front page
subscribe to email notification if/when you make Etsy's front page
get a shopbot that showcases all your items and banner in a widget to use on your blog, facebook,etc
see and sort by hearts, who favs you and where they come from
This forum thread has a list of keyboard symbol art to use in feedback, forums, blogs, etc.