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Financial blogs that Polizeros reads by polizeros
Perhaps the best coverage anywhere on Madoff, et al
Calculated Risk
They blogged about subprime long before mainstream media did.
The Big Picture
Financial news: focuses on recession, stocks, bailouts.
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Infectious Greed
Finance and the Money Culture by an insider. Fun to read.
Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis
Financial news from a libertarian who is often early and correct.
Sue me, I like Jim Cramer's rants and raves!
Random Roger
Money manager who stays calm when most others aren't.
Seeking Alpha
Aggregates financial news and bloggers
Naked Capitalism
Excellent financial site. probing news and views.
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Naked Shorts
Cheerfully goes after the multitude of financial crooks out there.
RGE Monitor
Nouriel Roubini's Blog AKA "Dr. Doom"
Barron's Tech Trader
Many posts every trading day about tech stocks.