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Typing Activities by MrsKMorris
10 Fast Fingers
Type as many words as you can in one minute and see what your score it.
Typing Speed Test
Type a paragraph and see what your typing score is for speed and accuracy.
Dance Mat Typing
Site by the BBC where you can make your way through all 12 stages to be the "top typist".
Keyboarding Games
A range of fun games to practise typing.
Keyboard Climber
Help the monkey get to the top by typing.
Kaboose Type Me
Rescue falling letters and words by typing them correctly on the keyboard.
Typing Chef
Type words while having fun in the kitchen.
Pacman Typing
Press the correct letter to make the pacman move.
Up Beat
Music typing game where you have to hit the correct note.
Super Hyper Spider
Help the spider climb by typing.
Big Brown Bear
Learn to type drills where you can choose exercises to work on.
Rapid Typing
A collection of fun typing games for kids.
Alphabet Crunch
Type the letters above the critters as they fall from the sky!
Keyboard Challenge
Your job is to put a keyboard back together.
Type the words and letters to keep the river clean
Typing Club
Tutorial to learn how to position fingers correctly on keys. Increases in difficulty.