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Teacher & Student Resources by trinetteatri
Museum Box
Create a "shadowbox" using text, video, links, pictures & sound. Password required.
Free Rice
A website where you can test your knowledge in math, vocabulary, etc. while helping donate food!!
Google Lit Trips
Travel to the places where your novel takes place!
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iTunes U
Use your iTunes to access educational lectures and other content.
Khan Academy
Online videos and tutorials for many subjects. Get help with math, science, etc.
Science Buddies
Science Fair project ideas, advice and tools!
Homework help and test prep.
Games, interviews, and all things related to your favorite books and authors!
Math Manipulatives
All the manipulatives you use in math class available in the virtual world online!
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Glogster Edu
Create interactive "posters" about any topic!
Free online video editor.
Online video, card, picture, and movie maker!
Mind 42
Create online thinking maps collaboratively!
A new way to present information other than using a PowerPoint!
Collaborative online storytelling.
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Create online websites in a safe, controlled environment.
Create "word collages" online.
Convert files for free online - any type of file!
Gamestar Mechanic
Create your own games online and play games created by other students!
An interactive game that teaches student pre-algebra (for 5th grade and up).
An 8-week online mission that uses problem solving and science to solve a given problem.
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Google Art
Explore museums from around the world and view artwork close up!
Online graphical dictionary and thesaurus.
Read Any Book
Read many books online - for free!
Newbery Books
Lists of Newbery Award Winning books!
Caldecott Books
Caldecott Medal Winning books
Science News
Keep up with the latest advances and scientific news.
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Science Spot
Explore different scientific concepts online.
Science Olympiad
Rules and resources for Science Olympiad.
Nrich Math
Enrichment activities and problems in math.
Thinking Blocks
Online problem solving using Thinking Blocks.
Online math games and problems.
World Math Day
World Math Day - practice your math facts head-to-head with students around the world!
Word Central
Online kid-friendly dictionary.
Citation Machine
Create citations for your bibliographies online.
Books for Gifted
Great list of books for gifted readers.
MENSA for Kids
MENSA for Kids - fun games and activities for gifted children
Genius Files Frisbee Fling - play the game that ties in with the spy novels we are reading
Spelling City - practice your spelling words online!
Edmodo - a safe, secure online social networking site where students come together to learn
Tagxedo - like Wordle, but puts your words into shapes!
CFGE William & Mary Language Arts Curriculum
Hands On Equations
Project M3 (Mathematics)
Jacob's Ladder (CFGE - Literature)