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Animals / Los animales by mlbecker2
Enchanted Learning
Animal information and coloring pages.
Animals: Facts, Pictures, and Videos
From National Geographic.
Pictures of animals by category.
Mamíferos marinos
Let's Talk About Insects
Click "en español" to see it in Spanish. (From University of Illinois Extension)
Video: All About Bats for Kids
From Freeschool.
Video: World's Biggest Bat
From National Geographic.
Video: Fun Facts About Bats
Animals for Younger Students
Animal games for pre-schoolers and kindergarteners from Sheppard Software.
Animal Habitats
From Smithsonian. For 3rd-5th grade.
Animal Classification
PBS Learning Media's animal classification games.
Science NetLinks: Animal Characteristics
From the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
PBS Kids Plum's Creature Connector
PBS Kids Wild Kratt's Habitats
Group Animals and Plants
From Teachkidlearn. Scroll down to Group Animals and Plants and click OK under Try This.
Am I an Insect?
Sorting game.
Spiders and Insects
Softing game from